Projects & Skills

IT career

IP routing in SP environment
IPv6, legacy IP, MPLS, L3VPN, EVPN, BGP, etc.

Optical transport in SP environments
DWDM, wavelength amplification, CWDM, active muxing

(D)DoS-Mitigation in the terabit era
ExaBGP, BGP FlowSpec, sFlow, IPFIX, Elastiflow, nftables, tcp synproxying

Scalable L4/L7 loadbalancing
A10, ExaBGP, HAproxy, IPVS, ECMP

Spanning-tree free DC switching

Firewalling in MPLS and DC environments

Storage networking
mostly NetApp

Good understanding of all relevant internet services
DNS, DHCP, SIP, HTTP/2, etc.

Linux user since age 13
from Suse to Debian to Gentoo to CentOS

Basic python, ansible, jinja2, git skills
to make my and your life easier


Creative Infrastructure
Storage, Backup, Rendering farm solutions for 3ds Max, AutoCAD LT, AfterEffects, Premiere Pro