New year, new website, new goals

2018 already was in it’s finals when Wordpress 5 came out and gave the already dated website it’s kiss of death by breaking the layout. Instead of spending time fixing the old dinosaur based on php, mysql and apache I figured it was time for starting something new.

And so I started a little christmas project: building a new Website with modern tools.

When I started this blog in 2007 my intention mostly was to use it for documenting my travels for friends and family.

But as we grow older, our interests shift and spare time gets less and less.

With my new Job came a redesign of this website in 2013. At that point I focused mostly on documenting solutions to technical problems I encountered. Personal content got left behind.

With the 2019 redesign my focus was on:

  • a clean layout with a modern font for good readability
  • combining technical and personal content again
  • provide architectual background. Not just solutions without telling the actual problem.
  • simplicity and performance from a technical point of view
  • present a portfolio of my best photography work

The new website is built on hugo. A static website generator written in Go, without any database backend, based on jinja2 templates.
My fonts of choice this time are Lato and Open Sans.
The portfolio is based on Unite Gallery.
HTTP/2 delivery is achived via HAproxy and nginx.

Over the next few months I will try to recover some of my older personal articles which got left behind during the previous redesigns. Mostly travel reports to come.

Special thanks to Alix Huschka for all the help.