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How To disable Time Machine’s MobileBackup

July 24, 2011Christian Kildau4 Comments

Starting with Lion I noticed that Time Machine is running even when my Time Capsule is not available. I also noticed that Finder shows a different amount of used disk space than df. My MacBook Pro’s SSD also got somewhat slow. Turned out it’s Time Machines MobileBackup function.

If you want to disable MobileBackup and free up the abused disk space, simply run the following command and reboot.

sudo tmutil disablelocal

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  1. James

    Hey mate, Cheers for this. I’ve taken this one further by keeping the functionality but moving the backup over to my secondary HD. What I did was copy the sleepimage over to my 2nd HDD then disable the Local backup, create a symlink from the root of my SSD to the 2nd HD where I copied the .MobileBackups folder to then re-enabled the Local Backup.

    Hey presto, we have the benefit of the Local Backups without consuming the precious SSD space

    • Chris

      Great Idea – if you have a second hdd in your mobile 😀

  2. Jordan

    Thanks! I noticed 85 gb of used space on my HD. This solved my problem.

  3. Liam

    I have an external hd where i would like for it to just back up and not use the mobile back up .. how can i do that?

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