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MacBook (Pro) and the OCZ Vertex 2

February 18, 2011Christian Kildau2 Comments

Well… I know it’s very silent over here… not just lately. :/ Anyhow…

I recently upgraded my 2010’s MacBook Pro with a 120Gb SSD. I already installed  a OCZ SSD in my Mac Mini a couple of months ago… Everything runs fast and smooth and the MBP’s battery run time is now even more awesome BUT… the hell! Hibernate is broken! It’s a known bug. Mac OS X just Kernel Oopses on wake-up! OCZ promises to fix it… since 6 months or maybe even longer, I don’t know. There is a Thread over at the OCZ forums, but it’s closed by the ops… lol!

I wasn’t aware of this issue until I ran into it myself. Maybe this post keeps someone from buying the OCZ. It might be worth waiting for the Intel G3 SSDs. But hey… I now have about 10h runtime with my MBP, so I shouldn’t need Hibernate anyway

UPDATE: I’m also having the issue that the Vertex2 isn’t recognized, when my MBP goes to sleep and I directly wake it up again. Reboot doesn’t fix it. It just doesn’t boot. Powering it off for 5 minutes does fix it! Weird…

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  1. Antonio

    Hi Chris,
    did you solved issues with Vertex 2 ? I’ve just ordered a 120GB Vertex2E and I have a 2010 13″ MacBook Pro…quite worried about it 🙁

    let me know.


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