How to Use Google Apps for your Domain

I had this post drafted for some time now and just used some free time to review it…

Do you have your own domain and some webspace, but no mail services for that domain? Or do you have a DynDNS account for your home server and want some fast webspace and mail services?

You can get all that with Google Apps for Business - Standard Edition. And the good news is: It’s free.

Many of you know GMail, but very few people I know, knew about Google Apps for Business. The difference between GMail and Google Apps for Business is, that you use your own domain instead of and you get a collaboration suite for all your users and some shared storage. You can have up to 50 user accounts, each with currently 7.5Gb of storage. You can also have some webspace for a small website… All you have to do is signing-up at Google, authenticating your domain and adding MX-Records to your domain. You can even add “alias domains”.

Google has so many docs, examples, videos and tutorials that it doesn’t need a pro for setup. You just need some basic knowledge of DNS and Mail. That’s why I’m not going into details of the setup this time. It just depends too much on your current setup, your hoster and stuff.

But here are the important links:

Overview of Google Apps

Google Apps for Business - Standard Edition

Example Guide

Update 2018, since Google Apps is no longer free, maybe you find some alternatives here: Cloudwards - 30 app ideas for your small business

By the way: I switched from an own mail server to a very custom setup of my own imap serverand Google Apps for Business for my domains. It works perfect. Spam is very well controlled.