Network & Systems Architect

Christian Kildau is an enthusiastic network engineer, who has been working with Linux, OpenSource and networks since he was 12. He turned his passion into profession by studying “Computer Science Expert for System Engineering” and taking further training as a network engineer.

A detailed resume is available on request in German and English.

Education & Certifications

  • Cisco CCNP Routing & Switching
  • Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching
  • IHK Computer Science Expert - System Engineering


  • Designing and maintaining carrier grade DDoS detection + mitigation system
    Includes building NetFlow collector and analyzing NetFlow data, building responses and providing clean-pipe traffic for customers using custom built scrubbing center and negotiation with upstream Tier1 carriers for providing capacity
  • Designing and implementing a nation wide IP/MPLS backbone
    Includes design and documentation of an ISP like IP/MPLS backbone with about 50 POPs, setting up network racks with UPS, PDU, PSU, OOB management, configuration of switches, routers, firewalls, etc.
  • Migrating existing IP/MPLS Network from CWDM transport technology to DWDM
    Includes planning of cable routes accross towns, calculation of expected loss, needed amplification using EDFA3 amps, needed add-drop multiplexers as well as actual migration including planning of migration without customer impact where possible
  • Migrating an IPv4-only corporate datacenter to IPv4/IPv6 Dualstack
    Includes re-configuration of hosts, setup of loadbalancers to translate between IPv6 only servers and IPv4 only users, firewall configuration, etc.
  • Optimising firewall concepts in a corporate datacenter
    Includes migrating statefull firewalls to loadbalancers and stateless firewalls for performance and security reasons
  • Building hub-and-spoke corporate networks with dozens of spoke sites
    Includes connecting multiple branch offices to Companies’ headquarter using MPLS and/or DMVPN,  verification and troubleshooting
  • Building VMWare Virtualization Infrastructure + NetApp Metrocluster Storage
    Includes building and maintaining storage infrastructure with NetApp MetroCluster as well as storage network and VMWare vSphere Virtualization Infrastructure and Veeam Backup Suite
  • Building a fully-redundant Mail system for hundreds of users including migration of old user data
    Includes configuration of Postfix and Dovecot daemons, loadbalancers, replication across multiple datacenters and distributed storage



  • Technologies
    IPv4+IPv6, Ethernet, CWDM+DWDM, SDH, PPP, MPLS, IPSec VPN, Storage Networking
  • Routers
    Cisco ASR9000/ASR1000/ASR920/c7200/c1900/c1800, Arista
  • Switches
    c6500/c4500/c3850/Nexus 5000
  • Firewalls
    Cisco ASA, OpenBSD PF
  • Routing Protocols
  • Switching Protocols
    RSTP, VTP, 802.1Q, QinQ, HSRP, VRRP
  • Network Management
    DHCP, DNS (bind9+dns64), Authentication (tacacs+, Radius), FTP, TFTP
  • Network Monitoring
    Nagios, Cacti, Zabbix
  • Network Documentation
    Good Documentation skills using Microsoft Visio and OmniGraffle
  • Network Services
    Mailsystems (Dovecot, Postfix), Webservers (Apache, Nginx), MySQL, OpenVPN, VoIP
  • Virtualization
    VMWare vSphere (including Veeam Backup Suite), Linux KVM
  • Operating Systems
    Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, SuSE, Gentoo), OpenBSD, Mac OS X, Windows Server 2012
  • Storages
    NetApp 7-mode + cDot

Personal Skills

    • Good documentation skills
    • Embracing complex tasks quickly


Hobbies & Interests

    • Fitness (Weight Lifting & Jogging)
    • OpenSource & Linux
    • Photography
    • Apple Gadgets



    • German (native)
    • English (business fluent)

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