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How to Upgrade to Xcode4 (or uninstall Xcode3)

March 12, 2011Christian Kildau12 Comments

I recently bought Xcode 4 on the Mac AppStore and thereby thought I’d upgrade. Nope. Xcode 3 is moved to ‘/Developer-old’, but kept. No big dead actually, except when your OS Disk is only 60Gb. The new Xcode 4 uses almost 10Gb plust 5Gb for Xcode 3. So if you don’t need Xcode 3 anymore, just run:

sudo /Developer-old/Library/uninstall-devtools --mode=all

This removes all Xcode3 files, freeing up about 5Gb of space.

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  1. Chris Mowforth

    Thanks for that. I was about to just rm -rf the /Developer-old folder.

  2. dcolumbus

    Thanks a lot! Even though I found this line somewhere else originally, sometimes it helps when it’s worded differently. Saved me a few gigs.

  3. David


  4. Hsiang

    Thanks man! this was awesome! loads of help

  5. Sam

    I ran that command, and it broke a bunch of command line stuff. I’m probably going to have to redownload the Xcode 4 installer to fix this.

    • Chris

      It will break everything that has dependencies on Xcode 3.

  6. Andrea

    Well, I followed the suggestion when upgrading from Xcode-3.2.6 to Xcode-4.1. But something went wrong: after issuing the command
    sudo /Developer-3.2.6/Library/uninstall-devtools –mode=all
    also Xcode-4.1 was broken: for instance, the make command disappeared, and in my App Store page the Xcode lists as not installed. Hopefully installing it again will fix the issue … I’ll know in a few hours, since I’ve to download it again.

  7. Nicholas

    When I enter this in Terminal, I get error message “sudo: /Developer-old/Library/uninstall-devtools: command not found”


    • Chris

      Sounds like you don’t have an old version of Xcode installed…

    • yann

      Hi, if you look at the line Chris posted you might need to change “/Developer-old..” to “/Developer-3.2.6…”

      Chris, thanks!

  8. Rob

    WARNING: I don’t think the above post gives the right advice. If you look at the script, or run it with the arguments –verbose and –do-nothing, you will see it removes files that are not specific to xcode 4, such as make, mentioned by Andrea.

    The About.pdf that comes with XCode 4 implies that running the uninstaller script with –mode=all will remove all files, and since 4 replaces some files instead of moves them, running –mode=all with the xcode 3 uninstaller script will remove files for 4.

    So you really check want to delete either the /Developer-old or /Developer-3.2.6 folder by dragging it to the trash, else you will have to reinstall XCode 4 and possibly redownload the 2GB installer like Nicholas! The author clearly did not try this before writing the article.

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