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How to Mount WebDAV Share in Windows Vista

November 16, 2008Christian Kildau1 Comment

O.K. some of you asked me how to mount the /resticted area in Windows as I mentioned one or two times before. I set up simple step-by-step guide. You know… picture book. I used Windows Vista Home Premium for all examples.

Step1: I had a lot of trouble connecting to a WebDAV share in Vista until I found KB907306. So just download and install this patch.

Step2: Now you can open up “Computer” and click on “Map Network Drive”.computer_

Step3: Select “Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures”.map_

Step4: Select “Next”.

Step5: Select “Choose a custom network location” and next of course.

Step6: Now it’s getting complicated. Type

Step7: Type in your Username and Password. Please only select “Remember my Password” if you are the only one that uses your account.pass_

Step8: Your’re done. You can now connect to my WebDAV share through “Computer”.content_

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